In accordance with the latest England Athletics guidance on safeguarding children and welfare, the Club has formulated the following policy: 

Any coach wishing to work with athletes at Hercules Wimbledon AC who is not already known to members of the Committee or Club, may be asked to meet informally with members of the Committee and submit the following form detailing their previous experience. In addition to providing copies of their DBS certificate and Coaches licence, they should provide names and contact details of two referees from previous clubs or other organisations within athletics. Where a coach wishes to work with children, the referees must be able to vouch for their suitability in this role. Such referees should have known the applicant for at least six months. 

Where a coach may not have had the opportunity to coach children previously, and therefore cannot supply such specific references, the committee can recommend that he or she is mentored by another experienced children’s coach, either at Hercules Wimbledon or another Club, over at least 12 weekly sessions during a period of three months, after which time that coach can be asked to provide a reference. 

Should a Hercules Wimbledon coach who has only previously worked with adults at the Club wish to coach athletes under 18, the committee may, at their discretion, ask for relevant references from other Clubs or relevant bodies, and/or Hercules Wimbledon coaches, or suggest a period of mentoring as above. 

All Hercules Wimbledon coaches must sign a volunteer agreement to acknowledge that they have read the England Athletics Code of conduct and the Hercules Wimbledon AC Welfare and Child Protection policy and agree to adhere to them. 

For further information re applications please contact the Club Secretary at:



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