CLUB CONSTITUTION of Hercules Wimbledon AC

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The name of the club is HERCULES WIMBLEDON ATHLETIC CLUB c.i.c.


(a) For correspondence: the address of the Club Secretary.

(b) Track and Field Athletics: Wimbledon Park Track, Wimbledon Park Road, London SW19 6PE.

(c) Cross Country and Road Running: Lauriston Cottage, 6B Southside, London SW19 4TG.


Gold top with Scarlet sash.


The promotion of athletics.


(a) The management of Hercules Wimbledon Athletic Club c.i.c. (the Club) is vested in the Annual and Special General Meetings, the Officers of the Club and the Management Committee (the Committee).

(b) A General Meeting shall be held annually within three months of the end of the Financial Year.

(c) The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall normally be in the hands of members at least 14 days before the meeting. Motions and Notices of Amendments to the ClubConstitution (also known as the Club Rules) shall be forwarded to reach the Club Secretary nolater than 21 days before the AGM.

(d) The AGM shall consider the Annual Report and Statement of Accounts and shall elect the Officers of the Club and members to other positions in the Club and to three other places on the Committee for the following year.

(e) Voting at General Meetings shall be by the show of hands except where a ballot is demanded by at least 5 members. A simple majority is required for a motion to pass, except for an amendment to the Club Rules which shall only be passed by the support of two-thirds of those members present and eligible to vote. Anyone whose subscription is in arrears is not eligible to vote.

(f) The Officers of the Club, who are members of the Committee, are the President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Club Secretary and Treasurer.

(g) The Committee shall consist of all elected office holders (except the honorary auditor) plus thethree additional members elected to the Committee at the AGM. Attendance shall be voluntary. Past Presidents may also serve on the Committee if they wish. Four persons shall form a quorumof the Committee, two of whom must be Officers of the Club.

(h) The Committee has the power to:

- co-opt additional members (without power to vote) and to fill any vacancies that occur during its term of office;

- appoint any sub-committee deemed necessary;

- give rulings on any matter on which the Club Rules are silent and to expel any member who fails to comply with the Club Rules. Any member so expelled shall have the right of appeal to the Committee and may be accompanied by a representative of their choice. If such an appeal is rejected, the member shall have the right to appeal at the AGM;

- in exceptional circumstances, nominate a member whose services to the Club are considered of special merit to be elected a Life member if the AGM thinks fit; and

- where it considers appropriate, invite in Associate membership 1) all Club coaches, and 2) a person who is making a useful contribution to the Club, or has made a useful contribution and retains an interest in the Club’s activities, but does not wish to compete for the Club. Such membership shall not prejudice his or her membership of any other club which operates under UK Athletics (UKA) Rules.

(i) The Committee shall meet at least once every two months and attendance of its members shall be published in the Annual Report.

(j) At the written request of at least 25 members or if decided by the Committee, the Club Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting giving all members of the club 14 days’ notice ofthe date which shall not be more than 28 days after receipt of the written request or the decisionof the Committee. Only business detailed on the notice paper convening the meeting shall bedealt with at that Special General Meeting.

(k) In the event of the dissolution of the Club, any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be transferred to a charitable organisation or organisations, having objectives similar to those of the Club.


(a) Persons aged 10 or over are eligible for Club Membership. The Club subscribes to theUKA/England Athletics (EA) policy of open membership and equal opportunities.

(b) Applications for membership shall be submitted online via the Club website and the appropriate annual subscription paid by direct debit. For candidates aged 18 or under, the membership form shall be authorised by a parent or guardian. All applications for membership are subject to the approval of the committee. In the unlikely event of membership being declined, the annual subscription will be refunded. Membership of the Club shall commence on the date of the first direct debit being taken.

(c) Those who are changing their first-claim club to this Club must submit the duly-prescribed form to EA with the relevant fee.

(d) A member of another club shall be admitted to this Club as a second-claim member subject to the rules applicable to a first-claim member. Those who wish to compete for the Club in a discipline not undertaken by their first-claim club (usually track and field) shall submit the duly-prescribed form to EA and then also be eligible for Club trophies/awards and to hold Club records for this discipline.

(e) Subscriptions shall be paid annually and at such rates as determined by a General Meeting.

(f) Notice of resignation from the Club must be submitted in writing to the Club Secretary orMembership Secretary and shall be considered by the Committee within one month of its receipt. Membership shall be deemed to have ceased on the actual date of posting of the notice unless themember is financially indebted to the Club, in which case the acceptance of the resignation shallbe withheld until the debt has been cleared. A member not having tendered their resignation by the due date of his or her annual renewal shall be liable for the following year’s subscription.

(g) The Committee has the power to lapse (i.e. drop from membership) any member whose subscription is three months or more in arrears provided one month’s notice has been sent by email or letter to his or her last known address informing the member of the proposed lapsing.

(h) Past Presidents who are no longer competing for the Club and anyone who has represented GreatBritain & NI at senior level when a Club member shall be invited to become a Life member. No subscription shall be payable by a Life member or an Associate member (or, if no longer competing for the Club, by an Officer of the Club).

(i) Where financial assistance is given to a specific athlete, the beneficiary shall be obliged to signan undertaking that he or she shall remain a first-claim member of the Club for at least two yearsfrom the date of receipt of such support. In the case of an athlete aged 18 or under, theundertaking shall be signed by a parent or guardian and an Officer of the Club. In the event of thebeneficiary wanting to break that undertaking by joining another club, the total value of anyassistance given shall have to be repaid in full or the athlete shall be considered to be financiallyindebted to the Club until the debt has been discharged. The Committee, in its absolutediscretion, may agree to waive this requirement in special cases.


The Committee shall, in its absolute discretion, work with or affiliate to organisations where it considers it to be beneficial to the Club. The Club is affiliated to EA, South of England Athletic Association, South of the Thames Cross Country Association and Surrey County Athletic Association. It may work in partnership with and/or affiliate to (as appropriate) the London Borough of Merton, the Wimbledon Park Heritage Group and other bodies serving the community to promote the maintenance and improvement of facilities and environment of Wimbledon Park and Wimbledon and Putney Commons.


(a) Except where they have a direction from the AGM, the Committee shall have authority in administering the funds of the Club.

(b) The funds of the Club shall be deposited in an account opened in the name of the Club at a Bank approved by the Committee. Cheques drawn on this account shall be signed by two of three nominated signatories, one of whom shall normally be the Treasurer.

(c) The Financial Year of the Club ends on 31st December.

(d) The Statement of Accounts of the Club shall be audited by a Chartered or Certified Accountant, or by two unqualified persons, who shall be appointed at each AGM and shall not be serving members of the Committee. In the event of the appointed auditors not being able to carry out their duties, the Committee may appoint another person or persons.


(a) Competition for club trophies/awards is annual unless the Committee decides otherwise.

(b) For trophies which are perpetual, the winner shall give written acknowledgement of its receipt and shall undertake to return it when requested to do so, which is normally in good time before the next AGM.

(c) Anyone whose subscription is in arrears is not eligible to receive a trophy/award.

(d) The year of competition for trophies/awards shall run from 1st April to the weekend before the AGM (March).

Sheila White, Club Secretary

July 2016

David Clarke, Chairman




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