Hercules Wimbledon AC will:

  • Embrace its moral and legal duty to protect children and vulnerable adults taking part in athletics from abuse, through the creation and promotion of a safe, friendly, happy, and secure club environment.
  • Respect human rights and operate without discrimination on grounds of gender, race, colour, language, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Respect the dignity and recognise the contribution of each individual.
  • Hercules Wimbledon AC recognises that abuse can be:

Physical – including abuse of drink and drugs.
Emotional – including verbal abuse by language, sarcasm, scorn or public humiliation.
By neglect – including overstretching a young person’s ability or ignoring them.
Sexual – by suggestion or through conversation as well as physically.
By breaching trust – by encouraging cheating or favouritism.

  • Hercules Wimbledon AC also recognises that abuse may manifest itself in many different ways, and that coaches need to be alert to possible indicators, such as bruising, distress or changing behavioural patterns. It is not the responsibility of a coach or volunteer to investigate, but to report their concerns clearly and quickly to the Welfare Officer.


  • All club coaches, officials and volunteers are approved by the club’s Committee and are checked by the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service). All are made aware of, and agree to abide by, the Club’s Welfare and Child Protection Policy (above), England Athletics Codes of Conduct, and health and safety procedures. These are shown in the clubhouse and on the website.

The Club’s Welfare Officer is Vikki Filsell  07903 518635

The role of the Welfare Officer is to:

  • Be the first point of contact on any child protection case, or potential child protection case at the club; to advise a coach or volunteer who may be the subject of allegations; and to deal with confidential matters in an understanding and appropriate way.
  • Keep up to date with all child protection issues and advise the club’s Committee on the implementation of good practice.
  • Oversee all matters to do with the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults at the club
  • Implement the club’s reporting and recording procedures and where necessary be the club’s link with the police, social services and other agencies.




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