The 1971 Inter Counties winning Surrey team with HW athletes supplying half of the scoring six

L-R back row: John Roberts (14th – SLH), Bob Holt (4th – HW), Bill Lucas (Belgrave – Team Manager),
Dave Holt (17th – HW), Bob Gevers (30th – SLH), Geoff Biscoe (38th – Mitcham)

L-R front row: Mike Beevor (3rd – HW), Gerry North (16th – Belgrave), Steve Badgery (73rd – Mitcham),
John McNamara (89th – Polytechnic H)

Race was held at Leicester on January 16, 1971

LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Lock - Joan Parr - Vera Hulland - Marjorie Chaffe - Frances Drane


A couple of nostalgia pictures supplied by Bob Frewin
during the Wimbledon AC days of the late 1950s.

The first one shows Bob being tracked by a young Tom Pollak (yes, that is him) while the team photo is of Wimbledon AC at the 1959 Surrey Road Relay, probably at Woking. Note the original club vests worn by numbers 44 and 41 prior to the days when the vest was of a blue and yellow hoped design.
Team Members L-R: Back row: Tom Pollak, Ray Lovegrove and Roger Clark. Front row: Harry Maylin, Robin Thomas and Bob Frewin. (posted July 2010)

The above is reproduced from a postcard supplied by Bob Frewin,
who was a member of the original Wimbledon AC and he suggests that it shows the
official opening of the Wimbledon Park track in 1953.

Just take a look at the size of the smartly dressed crowd, probably in larger numbers than that of the recent UK Championships.

Bob still takes a keen interest in club matters and was recently seen compiling the results at the Rosenheim League hosted by HW. (posted July 2010) 



Ernie Earl of Hercules AC winning the Surrey County Cross Country Championship at Chessington in January 1960 and seen here leading Herne Hill Harrier International Mike Maynard. Second in the race was Olympic steeplechase finalist Eric Shirley who was a second claim member of Hercules.

Surrey Cross Country Championships, January 3, 1960, Chessington
Senior Men (6.5 miles)
1 Ernie Earl (Hercules) 32:22; 2 Eric Shirley (Hercules) 32:28; 3 Mike Maynard (HHH) 32:29; 4 Tony Towl (HHH) 32:50; 5 Mick Firth (SLH) 33:03; 6 Alec Fruin (Mitcham) 33:16; 7 Tony Lewellyn (Walton) 33:20; 8 Bob Roath (Walton) 33:23; 9 Colin Wilson (SLH) 33:25; 10 Neville Chanin (SLH) 33:28; 11 Charlie Dabbs (Belgrave) 33:39; 12 Ken Caulder (Surrey) 33:41; 13 Bill Bird (Ranelagh) 33:42; 14 Ted Caiger (Hercules) 33:46; 15 Geoff Winchester (Walton) 33:50; 16 Brian Davies (Mitcham) 34:06; 17 Bill Anderson (Mitcham) 34:13; 18 John R Humphreys (SLH) 34:16; 19 Alan Rogers (Mitcham) 34:17; 20 Bill ‘Dink’ Pawsey (Mitcham) 34:27
TEAM: 1 South London H 86; 2 Walton AC 143; 3 Herne Hill H 152; 4 Hercules AC 155; 5 Mitcham AC 170; 6 Belgrave H 218


John Phelan winning the 440 yards National Fire Brigade Championships held at the much missed White City Stadium, West London.


Note the worsted wool finishing 'tape' The picture was taken in the early 60s and John can be seen wearing what were the colours of the then Wimbledon AC prior to the amalgamation with Hercules AC in 1967.


Southern Cross Country Championship, Stanmer Park, Brighton, February 1965
Photo by Alan Turner

Leading is John Roberts of HW, but then a member of South London Harriers, immediately behind him is (l-r) Mel Batty (Thurrock), Tim Johnston (Portsmouth) and Tim Briault (Ponders End), while at the rear is Geoff North (Belgrave), John Baldwin (Blackheath), Peter Yates (Windsor) and Gerry North (Belgrave) (Unable to confirm runner immediately behind Briault).
The race was won by Mel Batty to add to his victories in 1962 and 1965, with Tim Johnston (1963, 1966) and Gerry North (1967) also proving winners of this event.
For the record, Frank Briscoe of Hercules Wimbledon won in 1974, with John Roberts second and HW won the team race in 1970.





Mike Varah (Hercules AC) winning the 1966 Surrey County 880 yards final at Motspur Park.



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